Un Día en la Vida

Hey guys!

A lot of you said you wanted to see a day in my life here when I asked last week. Right now I’m writing to you at 5 am from an airport in Paris where I got to spend my weekend, but a 4 hour delay on my flight has me especially missing Barcelona so this post is well timed for me and you. Of course every day is something new and a little different, but here ya go!

To start us off, here’s the view I wake up to every day. I definitely can’t complain about my mornings. I only have one 9:30 am class once a week; the rest of the days I don’t go to school until either 12:30 or 4 pm!

My balcony is easily my favorite part of my apartment, and my mornings in general. A lot of you have been asking what I think I’ll miss the most, and eating breakfast out here is definitely high up on my list.

I can’t help but get a coffee here most days. Although my wallet doesn’t love it, it’s a whole lot cheaper than Stumptown coffee in Portland so I don’t feel quite as bad. Ignore the coffee stain in the top right corner, I’m always on the go and running late!

Up until a couple weeks ago I was saying “Puedo tener un café con leche” to order, then my favorite barise me from speaking what I found out was essentially Spanglish and corrected me to saying “Me pones un café con leche.” My Spanish has definitely improved, but the indirect translations still throw me off. Plus, the common sayings vary between Spanish speaking countries. You guys speak far better Spanish than I do, does my “puedo tener” order make sense to you or does it make my American-ness obvious? Let me know!

My walk to class is something pretty special here as well. My neighborhood is called Sant Antoni, and is right on the border of the old and new town of Barcelona. Lucky for me, it means I get a little bit of both.

This is on my favorite street heading into the old town, where my classes are. My whole walk to class is only about 15 minutes, but the most “Barcelonian” part is the walk past the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), which is a walk through a make-shift skate park.

Take a second look at the picture, it’s funny every time to see the contrast of people living their daily lives and going through the middle of music videos being filmed and skating on their way to work. This part reminds me of Portland a little, mixing the museum with the urban.

I wish I had pictures of my school, but it’s right downtown in the touristy part of the city and there’s only 40 kids, a new experience for me coming from Portland State with 27,000. For my classes, I’ve talked about my art and architecture class a little, but I had to share a little more now that we visited La Sagrada Familia!

Under construction since 1882, architect Gaudí’s masterpiece is still in the works today but it really is something special. It looks like nothing I’ve ever seen, with nature as the big influencer.

The inside is just as good. Depending on the time of day you’re there, the light either comes through the warmer or cooler stained glass. Personally I have a soft spot for the warm.

After class, I’ll usually hang out with friends or get some homework done. This day we went to the Ciutadella Park, and you already know how much I love a good picnic.

If I’m lucky, I’ll catch the end of the light as I walk home. The hour that the sun turns everything golden is easily my favorite, especially here.

Looks a little different than Portland, but it’s funny to think I’m still a student just studying and living like I would be at home, just in a bit of a different setting.

I also have a special post coming up next week that I wanted to get your help with. I’m interviewing a Spanish middle schooler named Jake, and wondering if you have any questions or things you’d like to know? Leave me some ideas in the comments, and I’ll talk to you all soon!

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