Laundry or Architecture?

¡Hola desde España! I have finally arrived here in Barcelona, and I couldn’t be more excited to call this city home for the next six months. I got in around 11 pm last night, and had just enough time to grab some crepes with my new roommate and take a peek at the view off my balcony before I was exhausted and ready for bed. This morning, I woke up to a 4th floor view of a sun soaked city.


While this view is definitely something special, I might even say I like the one looking down better.


Looking down may seem like a funny thing to focus on standing on a balcony, but there’s a couple reasons I chose to share this view with you. First, just take a minute for those buildings. Can you think of anywhere in the United States that looks like that? Let me know, cause it’s got me beat.

But that’s not even my favorite part. Believe it or not, it’s the laundry. The clothes swaying in the breeze instantly stuck out to me and made me feel more comfortable. It might sound weird, but it’s kind of like a little peak into the lives of the locals who live here. Of course I’ve never met my neighbors but it’s just a reminder that people are living their lives all across the world and doing day to day stuff just like we do, like laundry for example.

Apartment buildings are above nearly every restaurant and shop in the area I live in, and most if the city for that matter. Balconies seem to be a normal thing here, not only serving a practical function and saving the city countless dollars that a standard drier would use, but decorating the city with personal touches to the already lovely pastel architecture.


As we wandered around some more today, I fell in love with the streets. I struggled not to get lost because I couldn’t help but look up at the countless apartment building and their balconies above me, each covered with overflowing plants, Spanish flags, and, most importantly, clothes. I definitely wasn’t complaining.

Hopefully you guys can get a little glimpse of how I felt and why I decided to talk to you about laundry of all things. It’s little things like this that make me feel connected to a place, and less like just another American tourist coming to see the more well-known, spectacular sites.

It’s 11:30 here now, so I’ve been here just over 24 hours. I start my classes tomorrow, so I’ll have more for you very soon!

¡Buenos noches!

21 thoughts on “Laundry or Architecture?

  1. Joshua S.

    Hola, ojala que te la estes pasando de lujo.
    Y que te la pases bien con tu roomate.

    Hi, I hope you are having the best time.
    I hope that you are having a good time with your roomate.


  2. Katherine C.

    heyyy, howś it going over there. I remeber wen i went to guatemala this summer i saw alot of cloths hanging on houses and stuff like that. what type of crepes did u eat??


  3. Katherine Ahonui H

    Hi again, Joni!
    Do you like rainy, or sunny weather more? Has mirado al luna? Yo escuche que si miras al luna en espana, puedes buscar una cara mirándote, con un gran sonrisa. It might just be a myth, but who knows?(;

    I also heard that there are 12 haunted metro stations there, and it sounds like people liked them. Hay actividades especificas que quieres hacer en Barca, o estas enfocado en explorando?

    Anyway, have fun and stay safe!
    Sincerly, Katherine

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    1. Hey Katherine! I love the sun personally, and it’s been 75-80 degrees here every day so I can’t complain. I haven’t heard of the haunted metros, but I’ll have to check them out! Right now I’ve just been exploring, but I’ll write more on that for you soon (:


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